Thoughts On The New Justice League Trailer(The boy who cried wolf)

Had it not been for DC comics popularity for underwhelming and disappointing movies perhaps I would have started this post with “I am so excited for this movie!”

I think what perhaps might have been the main reason Batman vs Superman was so damn awful is the fact that it took itself so damn serious and the best way the director could translate a super serious theme onto the screen was:

“Dark! make it dark! i swear if anyone can see anything in this movie, it is not yet dark enough”

Evidently that didn’t work out so well for them. I watched Wonder Woman recently and they seem to have taken some notes but the sets are still pretty dark. Dark because they are trying so hard to make beautiful scenes with epic color schemes. Which is the difference between Marvel and DC movies thus far. Marvel movies are often just based in normal everyday scenery but DC wants so bad for their movies to look super epic.

The trailer for the BVS had all these beautiful scenes and a few of us were like super excited like “This movie bouta be lit”. Sat down in theater and watched as all the epic scenes were lost to dream sequences. “DAMN DREAM SEQUENCES”. The new trailer has a few of these epic sets but you have to forgive me for being skeptical, we all know the story about the boy with the sheep.

I am not completely writing off this movie obviously. There were elements of the trailer i actually loved. Biggest of them being “The Flash”. I have a feeling I am going to love every scene that guy is in. Also Wonder woman’s slow motion action scenes, even though slow motion actions scenes are not my shit mostly, were pretty lit in her movie. I don’t know how I feel about the guy with the robot costume (yes, i know his name), he didn’t say much.

The DC universe has also discovered the art of using Easter eggs by making references to other entities as a strategy to build the universe as something bigger than the characters we see in the movie showing. Kudos to them for that. Can’t come and be stuffing like 10 new characters in our face at once like in Suicide squad.

But yea, perhaps this is DC’s last chance to prove they deserve our money. Wonder Woman is doing pretty well but they need at least a two movie streak. Also we can find out if Justice League can pull the kind of weight The Avengers does and as the DC universe continues to progress itself we might start seeing crossovers at the rate we currently see them in marvel films (honestly we don’t even know whose movie it is anymore. I am looking at you civil war)

These are my thoughts on Justice League’s new trailer.

Notice how I ignored mentioning that last scene where Alfred was obviously talking to Superman.



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